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Strike Ready Working Group

Organized working class power is the foundation of democratic socialist power! The Democratic Socialists of America are committed to fostering labor solidarity in Kansas City through our Labor Working Group, as well as across the Greater Kansas City area through the City-Wide Labor Council (a collaborative effort between the Kansas City and Lawrence DSA chapters).

Only through building a strong, fighting labor movement can we hope to build a strong, fighting movement for democratic socialism. Towards this goal, KC DSA works locally to provide assistance to established labor unions in their struggle against capital, to help workers form new unions in their workplaces, and to strengthen ties between unions and other labor organizations.


The working class produces all the wealth of society; through unity it has the power to demand that this great wealth be used to create a just and equitable world. Join us in our mission to bring about such a world!

If you would like to organize with us regarding the UAW strike, contact us at our listed email!

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