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Workplace Organizing for All

KC DSA supports rank and file workers interested in organizing their workplace.


No matter what stage of the process you are in, we can help by providing shareable resources, initial consultation, and direct connections to our partners who have a range of experience advising workplace organizing campaigns.


Emergency Workplace Organizing


Find training resources for new organizers or fill out the form to be contacted by an experienced organizer to help build power with your coworkers around an issue

Amazonians United

Check out the latest campaign for rank and file workers or reach out to an Amazonians organizer.


Restaurant Organizing Project

Find organizing zines for new-to-organizing workers on the DSLC website or reach out to other restaurant organizers directly by filling out their contact form.

Communications Workers of America

Tech workers can reach out to CODE CWA to begin organizing or find organizing resources on their website. Bank workers can reach out the Committee for Better Banks to begin organizing with CWA.


Not sure where to begin? Contact us directly at with your questions

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