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The Kansas City Chapter of DSA covers all of Clay and Jackson counties in Missouri, Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, and a handful of other zip codes around the KC Metro area. You can use this tool to check for your zip code. 

As a member run organization, all of our major decisions are decided democratically. We rely on our members to organize and run meetings, events, fundraisers, campaigns, etc. Without an active membership base, we wouldn't be able to function. We are socialists in your community, dedicating what little free time capitalism affords us to building a better future. 


We also rely on dues payments to keep a strong foundation from which we can build. Membership in DSA is established at the national organization level, and national provides us with a percentage of all monthly dues paid by members within our coverage area. If you'd like to become a DSA member but are unable to pay dues, you can click here to learn about the available dues waiver.

The Democratic Socialists of America is the largest Socialist organization in the United States, and here in Kansas City, we have a unique opportunity to build working class power in two states that are often overlooked by the rest of the country. We know that a better world is possible, and if you're ready to fight for that world,
join us.


After you've received a confirmation email from the national organization, click here to get signed up for the national discussion forums. Forward that confirmation email to and submit your info here to join us on our chapter's Slack space.


Not sure if you're ready to join yet, but want to be added to our contact list for updates on the chapter? Submit your information here, and we'll be in touch!

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