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We’re in an historic moment of worker militancy. This October over 100,000 workers across the country went on strike or authorized a strike.

UAW workers at John Deere--including those at the Coffeyville, KS plant--rejected their concessionary contract and are right now fighting it on the picket line. We are asking our members to donate $10-$30 as a collective show of solidarity to provide a meal or supplies for their strike fund.


Any funds not needed in the Coffeyville plant by the time they are collected will be directed to the UAW Reform Caucus strike fund--a rank and file caucus DSA supports in their ongoing effort to push for a more democratic UAW.  

Click above to demonstrate that an injury to one is an injury to all. (100% of donations will be sent directly to UAW strike supplies and needs.)

You can find out more about the UAW strike and others here.

If you or someone you know is interested in organizing a workplace and is looking for resources, or if you are a union member whose local union is seeking solidarity, you can contact the KC DSA labor committee at

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